Bottoms Up!

by Jo Harthan

I made a To Do List in March 2020 when lockdown first began. I knew the only way to get through the isolation was to keep busy. There were thirteen things on that list, including seven un-finished writing projects. By the end of the year they were all ticked off apart from three. Of those, I completed and published Creative Writing for Dreamers last month in readiness for a workshop I’m booked to give at Swanwick in August. Another is currently undergoing the final edit; a travel memoir of my time solo back-packing in New Zealand ten years ago. 

I haven’t been able to see past that initial To Do List. But now I’m told I must because Dan wants us all to write a blog about our plans for 2021. To be honest I need a break but, as you all know, I always do as I’m told, (stop it!) 

I had my second Covid injection yesterday so I poured myself a very large measure of rhubarb gin last night in celebration.  Throwing in a couple of ice cubes, I added some ginger ale and then poured the whole thing back into the gin bottle. Who needs a glass anyway? 2021 suddenly looked a lot more promising.

As my sore arm hovered over the paper, pen clutched tightly in my hand, I started my 2021 To Do List. I could only think of one thing to write—TRAVEL. The how and why of that is a bit more problematic with this damned traffic light system but I’ll work it out. Currently the answer is looking like it might involve buying a second hand Mazda Bongo with a rock’n’roll bed and driving away into the sunset. I may have to buy a dog named Boo as well. Mind you, before I go I really must publish my NZ memoir, re-write my first ever novel ‘Who Stole Charlotte Miller?’, finish another partly completed novel ‘Blood Ties’ and buy another crate of rhubarb gin. 

Bottoms up.

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