Hot off the Press From Crossley Towers

Well, what an act I have to follow, I fear there will be nothing thought provoking in this blog post. On Saturday, 21st of March 2020, although I am not over 70 I decided because of my comororbidities it would be wise for me to embark on a lockdown for 12 weeks. I had done as big an Asda shop as I could get home in a taxi and my cat food for Rio and Molly was ordered and coming the next week. 

As I live alone except for my feline companions I had not thought or planned further than that. The first people to offer me help with my shopping were my Latvian neighbours Ilse and Pëteris. This was followed by Suzanne, another neighbour and Viv and Eddy Hardaker who I know from the Royal British Legion (RBL), Royton and Veterans’ Breakfast Club. Between them they have kept me supplied with all manner of groceries/toiletries and even cat food when my normal delivery from the firm I have used for years only delivered cat litter and 3 x bags of cat treats! 

I have learned that I have a lot of friends out there who do not find it an imposition to do my shopping whilst doing their own. I have also learned how much I miss people, as I live on my own I did not think this would be any different than my normal life but it is. I find the restrictions irksome and so I decided I would have to learn how to host and participate on Zoom. They say you are never too old but at 65 it was a bit of a stretch getting my head around it. However, I am pleased to report at the second attempt I was able to hold my Poetry Workshop, “How to write a Nonet.” It was a success, everyone mangaged to write a Nonet or two. 

Flushed with my favourable outcome, I was asked to host a Zoom meeting for the Veterans Breakfast Club, I fared well there as they were all used to taking orders in the forces so I just gave them No 1 orders and a few managed to make it. I can only think some of the others were too shy to come on video, heaven only knows why. I also like being a participant at Zoom meetings and really enjoyed the first one in this group and I am looking forward to the second. 

For some reason, my poetry mojo has returned and I am on Day 21 of National Poetry Writing Month (NaPoWriMo) and still going strong. I have set it up in a new blog on WordPress, called Back from the Darkness to the Light – A Survivor’s Path to Poetry, I also share it on my facebook page called The Vixen of Verse. It has been quite a challenge and is interspersed with Haiku. I have been posting on The Daily Haiku also on Facebook. When I talk about poetry one of my writer friends says I may as well be talking Serbo-Croat, so if this is the same for you, skip this paragraph. Hmmm, I think I should have put that at the beginning of this paragraph. Never mind, you have read it now. 

Finally, I have been a beta-reader for Jo Harthan’s fabulous new book, Organ Doner which you can get on Amazon for a very reasonable price. I am up to Chapter 7 Proof/beta reading my veteran friend’s first novel which is really interesting, quite sexy in places! Anyway this is all procrastination for not editing my first novel, but I have set myself a deadline to start it on 1st of May, come what may. 

© Carolyn Crossley, 2020

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